OzCharge 12V 25A Battery Charger and Maintainer Lithium Pro Series

Oz Charge
Model: OC-PRO2500L
Barcode: 9335577004184
Brand: Oz Charge
Category: Battery Charger
Website: www.ozcharge.com.au

The PRO2500L battery charger and power supply is perfect all round battery charger for charging batteries found in caravans, motorhomes, passenger vehicles, jet skis, motorcycles and garden equipment. The PRO2500L can also be used to maintain batteries up to 750Ah making it ideal for maintaining vehicles that spend extended amounts of time without being driven including classic cars, motorcycles and boats.

  • 9-Stage Battery Charging.
  • Boost battery performance and increase the life of your batteries.
  • Selectable Battery Types
  • Selectable Charge Rate
  • Power Supply Mode
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Charges 12V batteries from 6Ah-500Ah
  • Maintenance (trickle) charging up to 750Ah for longer life batteries
  • Patented desulphation and battery reconditioning and rejuvenation function
  • 3 year warranty
  • Life time support

The PRO2500L Battery Charger and Maintainer (Trickle Charger) is designed to charge AGM, Calcium SMF, EFB, GEL, WET & Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. from 6Ah to 500Ah. The charger can also be used to maintain batteries up to 750Ah. The PRO2500L battery charger and maintainer utilises state of the art patented 9 stage technology for charging various types of 12V batteries. The PRO2500L can also be used to maintain a wide range of batteries and features a patented repair and rejuvenation mode for lead-acid type batteries which breaks down heavily desulphated cells revitalising the battery increasing battery life and performance.

Power Supply Mode - In power supply mode the charger converts to constant current and constant voltage power supply allowing you to power 12V appliances, or retain memory when replacing a battery.

Temperature Compensation - The PRO2500L will automatically adjust the charge voltage according to the ambient temperature for optimal charge efficiency to ensure maximum battery life.

2A Maintenance mode will charge smaller batteries between 6Ah and 40Ah and will maintain batteries up to 120Ah.

15A Silent charge mode will charge mid-sized batteries between 45Ah and 300Ah and will maintain batteries up to 450Ah.

25A Rapid charge mode will charge batteries between 75Ah and 500Ah and will maintain batteries up to 750Ah. This setting will give you the fastest charge possible.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.