OzCharge Pro Series 12 Volt 6 Amp 9-Stage Battery Charger

Oz Charge
Model: OC-PRO600
Barcode: 9335577002944
Brand: Oz Charge
Category: Battery Charger
Website: www.ozcharge.com.au

The OC-PRO600 Battery Charger and Maintainer is designed for lead-acid sealed batteries (Calcium, AGM, Gel & Wet) from 3Ah to 120Ah. The charger can also be used to maintain batteries up to 180Ah.
100% automatic smart battery charger & maintainer with reconditioning.
The battery charger is easy to use and requires no technical experience.
Fully microprocessor controlled with safety timers at every stage.
Battery condition analysis.
Selectable Battery Type.
Selectable Charge Rate.
Patented battery rejuvenation (reconditioning).
Manual rejuvenation activation option.
Battery voltage retention analysis.
Pulse charge for long term maintenance.
Ultra-Low power consumption (ECO Mode).

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.