Oz Charge 6V 245Ah GEL Deep Cycle Battery (T125-size)

Oz Charge
Model: OCB-245-6-GEL
Barcode: 9335577002715
Brand: Oz Charge
Category: Battery
Website: www.ozcharge.com.au

OzCharge Gel batteries have been well proven in arduous deep-cycle applications such as wheelchairs, scooters, golf-carts, and floor-scrubbers as well as solar. They are also ideal for high reliability engine start applications such as boats and race cars.
OzCharge Gel batteries perform a greater number of discharge cycles over their lifetime therefore delivering a lower lifetime cost and higher reliability. This is because of their dedicated cyclic plate design, and the same extensive R&D, special chemical process and strict ISO-9001/14001 quality and manufacturing standards as their AGM counterparts.
OzCharge Gel batteries perform as well as some of the most expensive European brands at a realistic price, so you can count on OzCharge Gel batteries to keep delivering power long after most others are on the scrap heap.

Model No.: OCB-245-6-GEL
Nominal Voltage: 6V
Cyclic Voltage: 7V - 7.2V (25deg C)
Float Voltage: 6.8V - 6.9V (25deg C)
Terminal: M8
Weight: 34kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 260mm x 180mm x 283mm
CCA: 850 (-18deg C) MCA: 1395 (0deg C)

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.